align constructions and engineering steel fabrication

    Quality solid steel fabrication in NSW

    When it comes to industrial steel fabrication, Align Constructions & Engineering is the team to call.

    Align Constructions & Engineering is a professional steel fabrication company based in New South Wales, but we have the capabilities to provide our high-quality services right across Australia and New Zealand.
    We have assembled a hugely experienced and highly skilled team who are all dedicated to providing our clients and customers with exceptional steel, custom made to meet your exact specifications.
    Align Constructions & Engineering offer competitively priced fabrication services, or on-site construction tenders, for structural or mechanical projects of any scale from the fabrication of single beams to the construction of entire plants. 

    Experts in the field

    Align Constructions & Engineering is experienced in all forms of steel fabrication from light fabrication to heavy-duty work on large-scale industrial projects. Our steel has become an essential part of projects for customers ranging from construction companies and machinery producers to appraisers and auction representatives. When you need incredibly strong, precision cut, top-quality steel that will last a lifetime, speak to the experts at Align Constructions & Engineering.

    What we do

    Steel production is an essential component in construction, engineering and mechanical projects across industries such as:

    • Construction
    • Petrochemical
    • Mining
    • Cement

    Whatever sector you are in, Align Constructions & Engineering is able to provide you with the quality steel you need in any size, shape or quantity.

    We specialise in providing custom-made steel for specific projects. Our expert team study all engineering blueprints to ensure we fully understand the results you need to achieve.

    We determine the best materials for the job and plan how to effectively and efficiently cut the steel to an exceptional level of precision and accuracy. Only then do we lay out any reference points on your steel in accordance with blueprint specifications. 

    For a free quote on our superior steel fabrication services,
    call Align Constructions & Engineering today on 02 4869 1594

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